Why love one and not the other?

Why love one and not the other?

One of the biggest truths I learned about myself on my journey to becoming vegan, was that I had been an absolute hypocrite for most of my life. I called myself an animal lover, I loved and cared for all animals. At least, I thought I did.

I shared all of the cute videos of pigs, and cows playing and living their best lives. I wanted a pet pig for the longest time (ok, I still do), but then I would sit down to meal and eat a pig or cow, or a chicken and still think that I loved all animals!! WHAT?!

When guilt started creeping in while I ate these animals, I would try to justify it by thinking oh chickens are stupid. I mean how big of a brain can they have? They have no idea what is happening to them.

The truth is chickens are incredibly smart. Studies have shown that chickens can recognize up to 100 faces, that of their friends and human faces. Mother hens will communicate with their chicks before they have hatched, chirping softly to them. Chickens experience the same range of emotions humans, cats, and dogs do. When they are happy and being pet, they even purr. When it comes to chickens, the list goes on. Not so stupid after all.

Let's talk about our friends the pigs too! Often compared to a dog, which in all honesty I find weird. I find it odd because most humans love one and eat the other. The truth of the matter is, pigs are much more intelligent than dogs. Yet, we think it is ok to eat them. HUH!!

Studies have shown, pigs are the fifth most intelligent species on the planet. They can play video games with even more success than chimps. Again, WHAT!? They have incredible memories, and they are actually very hygienic. They create their own spot for their dirty business and it is always located far away from their food. They actually like to bathe in mud to stay cool and prevent sunburns. Mud is their sunscreen, and they naturally know that. As you know, I have visited local sanctuaries and spent some time with some pig friends. I have seen them so excited their tails wag (just like when a dog is excited) and they snort up a storm. Have you listened to a pig when it's happy? It might be the best sound on earth. One last thing I would like to mention about my friends, they sing to their young. Seriously, google it! It will have your heart melting all over the floor.

I am not sure why the human race decided to designate some of the gentlest creatures on earth as food. These non-human animals are innocent creatures that never deserved this. We have been so brainwashed as a society to believe that this is ok, we never saw the behind the scenes, just the packaged meat in the store. I encourage you to watch some documentaries about slaughterhouses, and then watch some documentaries about animals that we call food. Learn about their species, and what is unique about them. No species is less superior to ours, just different, and so very intelligent.

I truly understand the meaning of being an animal lover now, I love my cats and would never wish harm on them. I know how insanely smart they are. Bruce, my manx cat, blows me away every day with how smart he is. He understands so many words, he can easily pick up on my mood without me saying a word. So why eat animals that are even more intelligent than him?

Cats, Dogs, Pigs, Chickens, Goats, Cows, are all sentient animals. They all deserve to be free, to love their young, and grow to old age. In all honesty, my heart broke a thousand times writing this because the injustice is overwhelming. Thinking about the billions of animals that die a year, and how they are forced to suffer, the cruelness of it is too much. I truly beg of you, if you aren't vegan, research, educate yourself about the injustices.

Perhaps once you have done the research, you will ask yourself "Why love one, but not the other?".


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