The Pink Dog

The Pink Dog

We started the Pink Dog IG account a few years ago. I know we went through quite a few name ideas, none that I can remember now. We landed on The Pink Dog because we wanted to emphasize that pigs are no different than the animals we call "pets". Not only pigs of course, but all species. Every single living being on this planet is an earthling. All want to live, and every single species is intelligent in its own way.

In fact, at this very moment, I am watching a cardinal that has recently landed not too far from me. It snowed over 40cm here today, and when I got out my binoculars to have a closer look at my friend the cardinal; I see that he is just sitting upon a branch in the tree, taking this new winter wonderland in. His life matters and has its very own meaning. He is no less significant than me nor I to him. I watched him for about 20 minutes and it made my day.

Every single species on this planet is born with its own skillset, its own instinct and will to survive. No animal was put on this earth to be exploited by another species of animal. It was the human species that implemented animal exploitation. The human species superiority complex is causing havoc on Mother Earth, depleting her resources, and mostly for the taste of meat. The dominion that the human species thinks it has other animal species is destroying our planet. It sounds absurd, but the problem is most humans do not see that other species are on this planet with them, but believe they are here for them.

Spending time with many different types of animal species validates they are no different from animals we call pets such as cats and dogs. Farm animals are sentient beings that lose their life because at some point someone decided some were ok to kill and eat. Maybe I can explore that in a future blog post.

If you are not vegan, I beg of you to do some research, spend some time with some farm animals at a local sanctuary. You will see that the pig on that farm is a pink dog!

Thanks for reading friends!


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