With the new year upon us, I have been reflecting this past year more than usual. I am sure as most do. So, let me jump right in, it may be an emotional roller coaster ride (for me at least) but I think it is worth sharing. 

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to meet a wonderful woman who used her talent of baking to support farm animals, she donated 100% of proceeds from her baked goods to farm animals at Sweet Sanctuary. I tell you, the best chocolate chip cookies and oat bars I have ever tasted. She was kind, compassionate, and donated so much of her time to helping the animals. Sadly, she passed suddenly and the world is a little darker for it. I am grateful we had the opportunity to meet such an inspirational and lovely soul.

I also came across Second Hand Stories, an IG based shop where gently used books are $5 each and 100% of the proceeds going to The Sweet Sanctuary. There were book drops of different genres on various days of the week. I could not wait for each book drop to see what all I could grab up for such a good price! It also turns out the pick up location was just down the street from me, I was in heaven! Eventually Van and I slowly came to the know the faces behind SHS, they are now some of our favorite people! Liz and Craig have truly become like family, and I am not sure what I did without them in my life for so long. They offer so much support and we can discuss animal welfare with them for hours. We truly are blessed to have met them this year.

We lost our sweet boy Chubbs this year as well, and the hole in our hearts has been present ever since. We were fortunate enough to be in his presence for 17 years. I still think about him everyday, and everyday my heart still breaks without him here, If only our love would keep then alive, they would surely live forever.

This year we finally took the leap and started Pink Dog Initiative, it was rough and we were terrified, ok still terrified, but hope one day we make enough money to be able to help every single animal sanctuary in the world! Yep the world!!! 

I am also completely overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received from our friends and family. So many friends have went out of their way to make sure we feel included when it comes to meals by providing vegan options, they have bought apparel from Pink Dog. For the very first time since we went vegan, Van's sister and family provided a vegan only Christmas dinner, the entire family ate vegan, I do not know if they understand the magnitude of this action. We cannot be grateful enough. 

Van's parents developed a vegan egg roll for us, yes you heard right! They have been selling like hotcakes, and I for one want them all for me. I am also so grateful to my mom, who supports our vegan lifestyle, and from day one never once questioned it and ate vegan food without protest. From her I have always felt so supported on this journey. 

With that, I wish you all a happy new year, again thanks for sticking with me on these long blog posts, I feel like I could have went on about squirrels a little and how I want to invite them all into my house, but I will end it here! 

Lots of love, 



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