Pink Dog is Live!

Pink Dog is Live!

We truly cannot believe we are live! When we created The Pink Dog Initiative on Instagram, we liked the name, it wasn't taken yet, so we reserved it and even had a logo designed.

We knew whatever we did, we wanted it to be about the animals, but we didn't know the what or the how. We discussed many ideas but none felt right, so instead we shared posts about vegan food and products we came across. To be honest every time I made a post, guilt was starting to creep in...what was our initiative?

I thought maybe I could make candles and sell them, and donate the profits to a rescue. Who doesn't like candles, right? I made 12, they didn't burn evenly, and that was that. Then, I really got into plants over the pandemic, thought I could sell them, but they only grow so fast! It is still an avenue I may explore, my love for plants was a pleasant surprise and I would like to share that love. 

It was a few months ago, we started talking about our love for t-shirts/ apparel that have vegan logos and sayings. There was nowhere local we could order from, so we thought, why not make our own? It grew from there, why not sell apparel and merchandise with 25% of the profits going towards animal welfare. 

The Pink Dog Initiative began to take shape, through our products, we hope to spread awareness about veganism and to support our local animal sanctuaries.

The Vegan Camera was created by my husband, Van. While becoming familiar with the local animal sanctuaries, we thought why not take pictures of the residents and sell them, with 100% of the profits going to the sanctuary. It has been slow but steady, and we really want to see it flourish. We are confident that with some hard work we can get there, and will continue to do so alongside Pink Dog.

So here we are, at the beginning of a new adventure that in all honesty is pretty scary. We hope that you will join us on this venture, spreading the word and the love for so many of our animals that are in need. 




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