Not your mother, not your milk

Not your mother, not your milk

Well, it's been a minute. We have been cleaning up the Pink dog website and have been very focused on that. Anyhow, I am finally back and ready to blog!

I have been thinking a lot about the dairy industry lately, and when I think of all of the injustices it makes my heart heavy. It makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs to the entire world to stop ingesting something that is meant for a baby calf.

There are so many wrongs, I thought maybe this may be a shorter blog post, and that I may not be enraged or be a bawling mess. It appears I was wrong, because how can one think of all of the injustice and not feel these emotions?

First off, let's start with the fact that a female cow produces milk for her calf, the only way for her to produce milk for her calf is she must be pregnant. Just like a human animal, or any other species of animal. This makes perfect sense right? I know you said "yes"! How did the dairy industry brainwash us into thinking that cows are just always ready to produce milk for another species besides their own? Also, how did the dairy industry brainwash us to believe we need milk to survive? Not just any milk, but a cow's milk!

This brings me to my next point, no other species drinks milk beyond infancy. It is not needed, and the same holds true for the human species. 

We also want to take into consideration that a cow's, cat's, dog's milk is meant for their own species, providing their baby with the correct amount of nutrients needed to develop properly and healthily. Each species has different needs when it comes to nutrients, hormones, and the plethora of other amazingness in our mother's milk. We as humans, get all the nutrients we need from our mothers milk as infants. After that, it is no longer needed. You do not see human adults drinking from their mothers. So why do we drink milk from a cow that is meant for a baby calf to develop and grow into a 1200lb animal?

Female cows in the dairy industry are not being bred with male cows in order to get pregnant, they are being artificially inseminated. Let that sink in please, against their will. A female cow is having a tool inserted into her vagina against her will. That would be rape. Once she is impregnated and comes to full term, she has her baby. Her newborn baby is then taken away from her in sometimes as little as one day. The reason for this, so she can be milked for human consumption. NOT for her baby. She is hooked up to a machine at least twice a day for milking until she is spent. She is then raped again, comes to full term and her baby is taken away again. This happens over and over again until she is deemed too old, at this point she is useless and she is slaughtered. She spent her entire life being a slave to humans. This fucking breaks my heart.

Van is currently reading "Vegan Propaganda" by Ed Winters, and he mentioned that one way to keep cows producing milk, is once they have slaughtered the male calf, they skin him, wrap his skin around a bale of hay, and then give it back to the mother so that she can smell him and believe she still has a connection. And here I take a minute to gather myself and whisper I am so so sorry to every mother and child that has ever endured such cruelty. 

Are you a female? Do you have children? How would you feel if someone took your child away from you over and over and over again? Cows are sentient beings that feel emotions who grieve and mourn their babies' loss just like you would.

I feel very strongly that one cannot consider themselves a feminist if they are not fighting for the rights of all females species. Ignorance is no longer an excuse when there are so many resources available. It is no longer as hidden from the world as it was say even 5 years ago. If you are not fighting for the injustice of all-female species, you are doing it wrong! It is just another example of the human species considering itself superior to any other species, speciesism! We must end speciesism, for these beautiful mothers that are suffering every single day of their lives. 

 I could go on and on about the dairy industry because I really only touched on just a few of the points. But, because this is so long and my heart is so heavy I will only quickly touch on a couple of other points. I encourage you to check out Mercy for Animals, Peta, and many other sources to learn more about the cruelty of the dairy industry.

Veal is a dead baby cow. When a dairy cow has a male calf, they are considered useless and they are often slaughtered at a few months old, if not earlier. Cows have a lifespan of 20+ years. However, most cows are slaughtered between two days old and 5 years old.

I also feel the need to mention electroejaculation, this is when male cows are electrocuted to the point of ejaculation or to the point of passing out from the pain being so bad. Can you imagine being electrocuted? But then take it a step further, electrocuting your penis? Male cows are sexually abused the same as females in order to produce semen. This is such an unnatural process, all so that humans can drink cow's milk.

Please, I encourage you with everything I have, to try an alternative plant-based milk, there are so many on the market. One has to be to your liking. Please choose kindness, please go vegan if you are not.

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