No Fun February

No Fun February

I am going to be honest, and sound really stupid here. When I first went vegan I thought I would automatically be healthier no matter what I ate. I 100% gained the most weight of my life after going vegan. I was for sure the heaviest I had ever been in my adult life a year after going vegan. I was like but I'm vegan!? The thing is I was eating a lot of processed foods, and loving it. I was also in denial, so I kept squeezing myself into all my clothes. The day I received my new Wuxley spring/fall jacket and it would barely zip up, I cried. That was the day I could no longer deny how much weight I had gained, I had to acknowledge that I no longer looked at myself in the mirror anymore because I knew I would not like what was reflected there.

So I decided to get a gym membership and to eat clean for the next month.
I did a lot of research into a whole food diet, plant-based of course. I Looked up recipes and learned what is considered whole food. Basically, nothing processed, including any type of oil. I was sure it was going to suck, at this point after every single meal I was eating a sweet snack after. I was easily eating a box of Oreos every other day. I have a serious sweet tooth, I LOVE sugar, but sugar does not love me. I notice the more sugar I consume, the more inflammation I have in my body.

A week into this clean eating and gym going, the pandemic started. I switched to small workouts at home and started walking every day for an hour. The first two weeks of no sugar were indeed excruciating, I craved and missed sugar so much that I think I may have cried. But, once those two weeks ended I forgot about sugar, the craving disappeared entirely. At the end of the month I had lost 12 pounds and so many of my aches and pains had disappeared. Van also participated and lost 10 pounds just by clean eating and incorporating yoga daily.

We were so used to this way of eating that we continued for another two months, less strict in our rules though. I also want to say, this was not a diet, I ate a lot of food, and I ate constantly. This is just a healthier way of eating.

Two years later, while I continue to work out and maintain a healthy weight I know there is room for some improvement. There are just so many delicious alternatives introduced almost daily that it is hard not to try everything. My sweet tooth is more out of control than ever. I want a donut from Suzy Q every single day. I also know the inflammation is really bad again, I am constantly in pain all the time.

I tried to start December off with no processed food but failed the very first day, and gave into my cravings for the next two months. With "No fun February" just around the corner, I thought this is the perfect excuse to get back to clean eating. By writing about it I hold myself accountable. I accept the challenge!

If you are new to veganism, and worried about the transition and what you can eat, I suggest taking advantage of all the wonderful meat and dairy alternatives. They are so good, but also take advantage of whole foods such as beans, lentils, tofu, and chickpeas. These are the healthiest sources of fibre and protein, and they are so versatile.

If you have any whole food recipes that you love, please comment below. I would love to try some new dishes out! I also wonder what other people may be giving up for February, I know many people give up alcohol as well. Why is it we torture ourselves the coldest month of the year when we are already tired of winter? I guess it will make spring that much sweeter!

Well, friends wish me luck! I will need it!

Thanks for reading!


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