Imitation meat and dairy

Imitation meat and dairy

Almost every single vegan at some point said "I could never go vegan, I love meat too much". I said that a lot, to be honest. I also likely said, "but bacon". Ya, I was THAT person, it is hard to believe. When I hear someone say those words it makes me want to show them the thousands of images and videos of how pigs are cruelly treated, and then slap them silly.

In my un-woke life, when I ate the flesh of precious animals, I loved pig. I loved bacon, ham, pulled pork, Canadian bacon, roast ham. I loved eating pig in every way it was cooked.

Chicken was ok, but what I really loved were breaded chicken burgers, chicken wings, spicy chicken popcorn. General Tao Chicken!!!! Allllll the deep fried chicken. Gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!!!!

I did not love cow, but a few times a year I would indulge in a steak, pay a hefty price for it too, of course now I know the real price was the cow's life.

So, now you know I loved eating animals. I loved the way animals tasted, and never thought I could give that up. Now as a vegan, I have never loved food so much in my life. I enjoy cooking and eating more than I ever did as a meat eater. I know if you are not vegan and you are reading this you either do not believe me, or you think you could never enjoy eating without the dead animal on your plate. I thought the same thing, and never believed it! I swear it is true though, and I have spoken to many vegans about this, and they all say it. They all say I love food way more now. Gotta try it to believe it!

So, the non-vegans ask! "if you do not want to eat meat, why do you want the fake meats that taste like the real deal"? And it is pretty simple, I liked the taste, but not the cruelty involved. I no longer believed that an animals life had to be taken in order for my taste buds to have a few minutes of pleasure.

Now, with so many meat and dairy alternatives on the market, I can pretty much indulge in the flavour of all meats and dairy without the cruelty. It is a really great feeling knowing I am not contributing to animal cruelty, while still being to enjoy such similar food, but enjoy it even more.

If you are thinking of becoming vegan or incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet, please feel free to reach out if you need some guidance! I would be so happy to help!

ok, I made myself so hungry thinking about an impossible burger, I need to go eat!

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