Adopt Don't Shop

Adopt Don't Shop

I love animals, I love caring for my cats, but I also think that it should be illegal to breed any more animals that are considered as pets and obviously farm animals. I also believe it should be law that every single pet be sterilized, and a very hefty fine for irresponsible pet care givers that have not done so (also the pet(s) should be removed from that household and placed for adoption to find a home with responsible pet care givers).
I feel so strongly about this and have so many thoughts swirling around in my head I worry this post may seem a little discombobulated at times but I promise to make relevant points here! Bare with me, ok!

Why do I feel so strongly about this? I follow many pet rescues and see so many cats and dogs in such sad and life threatening situations. Why aren't there better laws for animals? Laws that lessen the overpopulation crisis.

Breeders only reason for breeding their animals is for profit, this is NOT love for their animals as so many claim, but some irresponsible human being making a buck and most often a living from forcing their animals to breed and have offspring. There is absolutely no such thing as a responsible breeder, nope, nada, no how. Breeders fuel animal overpopulation, most breeders do not require the offspring to be sterilized, this often leads to the buyers continuing to add to the overpopulation crisis.

It is always so disappointing to know so many people want to buy from breeders because they want a puppy or a certain characteristic. I get it but this is born from selfishness and not for the love of animals. There may not be a particular breed available at the moment you are looking, but if you regularly check local shelters and rescues, one will come up eventually. And if one doesn't, there are literally thousands of dogs and cats that are desperately in need of a good home. You WILL find one that is a good match for you. For every animal bought through a breeder, a shelter animal is euthanized. For every animal that is purchased through a breeder, an animal stays on the street being subject to cold/hot weather conditions and not knowing if it will be eating another meal. When you adopt, you free up space for another animal to be welcomed into a shelter or rescue.

Please adopt, don't shop! This will give a shelter or rescue animal a second chance at life, and they will be so grateful to be your companion. It is also a lot cheaper to adopt than to buy from a breeder; another rescue bonus!

And again, if you have pets please sterilize them, they may be cute and you may want to breed them for more cute little puppies, but there are so many cute puppies/kitties out there looking for their forever homes. Please do the responsible thing and help end the over population and suffering of animals we claim to love so much.

Thanks for reading friends and remember Adopt, don't shop!


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